1. Buy gift for him,you can gift him T-shirts,shoes,undies .e.t.c
  2. Take him out for lunch and pay his bills at least once in 2 month
  3. Send love text messages occasionally
  4. Give him phone calls daily at least once daily,ask how he is doing and tell him you love him
  5. Occasionally you can cook or once in two weeks
  6. You can also help him financially when he is broke
  7. Take him out for shopping at least once in a year,you will not die
  8. Pray for him
  9. Advise him
  10. Help him to build a bright future


  1. I dnt think this is love tho… It looks more of obsession to me… Its beta u get over him n let him go so u can be able to open ur hrt n accept d one who truly love you n you would be able yo reciprocate d love

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