1. He tells you he isn’t really ready for a relationship early on yet he continue to talk to you and lead you on in a way that seems serious you just go with it because he is cute, Seema genuine, gives you attentions and you might just think he’ll change and realize you’re “the one”

2. He put ls his phone on airplane mode anytime he is with you

3. He wears a man ponytail

4. He takes his phone with Him Everytime he goes to the bathroom

5. He has more friends that are girls than you do and he only has few guy friends

6. You haven’t met alot of his friends even though you hangout with him alot

7. His phone battery seems to die more than the average persons

8. He gives you just enough attention to keep you around but never enough to actually more the relationship forward

9. He always has a reason why you can’t meet up with him

10. You never know where he is

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