He was handsome, dark in complexion,cute dark lips that goes with his skin, ooh I was inlove, I just couldn’t hide it but I knew he wasnt good for me but that doesn’t matter to me,all I wanted was to be with him and all he wanted was to get down with me, I wanted to be with him so badly,so I wonder giving him what he want will that make me have what I want or I will lose him forever?






  1. Ok for me i will say, just be ur self and make him love u for who u are, and if u really love him dont say his not ur type or level, and also what i have experience in this country is that, girls always expect there boyfriend to always buy them something or take them out, if u love him u should at list buy him anything once a month or 2 months or even take him out, but nigerian girls are not doing that instead they think sex is the ultimate?

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