On that faithful evening I was on my way to see a friend when I first met him,he was nice,gentle and very handsome,as the girl I was I put on my shakara for some minute before collecting his number as I wasn’t with my phone and he begged me non stop to have his.

Getting home I was too excited so I told my friend about him and she asked me to call him so I did,he picked up and started asking various questions which I answered,he than invited me out I said no giving excuses even though I wanted to go so I picked out a gown for when next he invite which he did on three different occasion I turn him down and agree to for the fourth. That was how it all started, he stop at nothing to make sure I was in love with him.

The first year of our relationship was lovely, we had this thing going on, we communicated very well,he was calm and lovely so we kept going. One and half year later he started becoming aggressive, he would yell at any little thing and get angry at any slight thing been the gentle person I was, I would keep calm while he yell and scream at every slight thing. I got tired so I decided to see a counselor,she gave alist of thing to try to better my relationship which I did. It worked for sometime than he started again. Now we are two years plus and we lack communication, I just don’t know what to do cause he is always aggressive, I tried breaking up though he just wouldn’t allow it. Please advice me on what to do.


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