One hot afternoon my mother came back home with a man and introduce him as my step father, I never really wanted a step dad so I argued with me mom, I told her “we don’t need him” but her mind was made up already so my step father moved in with his son. The first time I saw him I was amused he was tell,light skin,had six packs and pink lips,he was everything a woman wanted physically in a man so I began to crush on him.

He had many girlfriends and would invite them over, he liked sex too much and would stop at nothing to satisfy his desires,he is always on pornography site and has alot of porn movies on his phone, one day I entered his room unannounce and found him masturbating I was shocked but more surprise about his size so I begged him to put it inside of me,he didn’t try to stop me instead he grabbed me by my skirt,unbotton my shirt and started touching my breast ……….. To be continued.


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