Linda Ikeji has revealed the reason why she decided to end poverty on her family. According to the single mother of one, her parents were once embarrassed because of #70, witnessing the scenario at 16, she started hustling at 17 so that her parents will never be insulted over money again.

Linda Ikeji wrote:

I was 16. I was standing there watching the insult being hurled and little assault over #70. I saw the sadness and embarrassment as they saw I was witnessing it, they told me to leave but I refused and stood there and watched.

After it was over I told myself as I walked home in tears ; in this life, except there’s no God, nobody will ever insult them again over money. I don’t care how long it takes, but I will fight poverty with everything in me.

The following year at 17 after I finished secondary school and I started my hustle.

This smile is gratitude for how far I have come.

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